What I should write.

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  Good Morning, guys,

  It's almost five in the morning, which isn't all that surprising considering my sleep schedule. I'm watching a movie on SciFi, now called SyFy. It's poorly written, the effects are awful, the acting is terrible, and it's wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.  Sometimes I think I should give writing Scifi a try. Maybe not completely Scifi, but Sci-Romance as opposed to Fantasy-Romance. That would be nice.


Kisses Not Like Clock Work.

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  Hi, guys;

   I got the answer for Clockwork Kiss today. After the various rewrites and beta-reads it was rejected. That's how it goes sometimes, I guess, but I'm still not happy about it. Of course. I'll take another look at it when I get home and see if I can fix...something more. If not I'll just send it out. I realize that sometimes your work just isn't what they're looking for but it's still hard to have a project you know is good rejected like that. Ah, well. Got to keep on going.


Options and worries.

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  Hi, guys!

   It's been a whole week already and I can't figure out where all the time went. I realize that not everyone has a close relationship with their family members but for me I don't think I could picture my life without each of them. I'm really hoping my novels will do well and I'll be able to visit at least once more this year. Actually, I need to make sure that happens either way. My Elle is having a baby!

  I've been working on my promo plan for The Big Bad, but I think I've acknowledged the fact that until I build up a fan base it's not going to be any kind of huge explosion of interest. That's fine and understandable, I'm more than willing to continue writing. The difficulty there is knowing which one I should focus on working on. Again, I'm hoping this will be something I learn to manage better as my career progresses. I'll have to work on it!

  I think I'm going to work on the second installment to The Riding Hood Tales before I finish Blood and Rubies. It shouldn't take me too much time to complete the first draft but I'm worried about putting off the other projects for too long. Ash and Diamonds isn't even on the market, though I know it's my strongest piece. Honestly, I wanted to finish the trilogy before I put it out there but I'm starting to think that that may not be my best option.


Dust and Feathers.

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 Hiya, guys;

  Still in North Carolina with my family. I had a fine day, spent most of my time being rolled over by my little brother and watching anime. We finished Karin today, and we're starting Princess Tutu tomorrow. Hopefully. It snowed today, which is a special treat since I've been in Las Vegas for a number of years. Though it did snow beautifully my first year there I've missed the rain and vegetation.

  I feel a little silly blogging now, when I've yet to establish any kind of reading base. It's kind of like looking for a flashlight in a dark room. You need it in order to find it sort of thing. It's all a very awkward affair. Half of the time I have absolutely no idea what to write. I worked on Blood and Rubies today. That was fun. I love to write. Obviously.



Ahh, lazy daze.

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  Hiya, everyone;

  Today was another good day. Absolutely perfect. All I did was lay around with my mom and my sister and watch T.V., which I know doesn't sound all that exciting but it was wonderful. We watched a lot of silly television, in particular we watched a lot of Teen Mom. We also watched a movie I've never gotten around to seeing...Mean Girls. It made me miss Lindsey Lohan. She was so cute and talented, I miss all that potential.

  I didn't do much more than map out all the key aspects of the WIP The Big Huff Puff. That's all right, though. I'm on vacation!


Being yourself.

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 Hi, all;

  I was thinking about all the different bits of my personality that make me, me. I freely acknowledge that I'm a bunch of confusing layers meshed into a more confusing cake of Nina, but who isn't? I feel like I've just found myself (which I imagine is very typical for my age) and for the most part I'm happy with who I am. On the other hand, I'm having a hard time shaking those individuals who can't accept the changes in my life and personality. I guess when you get comfortable knowing a person in one way you're not always able to deal with it when they're no longer like that.

 Still, that's not always a bad thing. I've grown more and more comfortable with finding people who understand and know this new me. The outcome? I end up with better, more balanced relationships. It's nice to be around people who like you without the mask of propriety you set up to be "acceptable." It's nice just to be my goofy, inappropriate self. It's nice to be yourself.


My Mom and her English.

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 Hi, everybody;

  My mom has been living in Italy with my little brother and her companion Guido for a little over a year. It must be amazing to submerge yourself completely in a different culture. The other side of that is that she's slowly and hilariously forgetting her English. I never thought that the saying "use it or lose it" was quite so literal but there it is.


Day Two, A Lesson in Grumpy Toddlers.

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  Hiya, guys;

   I'm posting a little early tonight mainly because I'm absolutely exhausted. My wonderful brother was getting over his jet-lag and decided that the best way to do that was with grumpiness. Which is understandable, after all, he's only three. Still, it's good to know that when toddlers are unhappy everyone around them is bound to be as well.

  Still, it wasn't a bad day. My sister Elle taught me how to pump gas. Now I know this sounds silly but I've never had to do it before so it's nice to learn something new. She died laughing but I didn't mind (much). She's being so amazing.

  I woke up early and not by choice. My Cityville addicted mother decided that I needed to get up and work her city before I was ready to. I did it with a slight fever that was broken and gone by noon. All in all, it was a good deal and what I lost in sleep I made up in time spent with the family.

   Vacation is going well.


4am Ramblings.

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  Hiya, everyone;

   It's 4am in North Carolina but, of course, I feel like it's 1am. Which means I'll be awake for quite a bit longer. There are some awful commercials on at this time of night, something I've ever noticed before. I just saw an infomercial for "Snap on Smile." The product is basically dentures for people who are vain enough to want a beautiful set of teeth without wanting to actually go through the effort of taking care of their teeth. I'm flabbergasted, mostly, but I guess it doesn't matter ultimately. I understand people who lose their teeth in accidents and the like but...it's so easy to take care of them. We're taught to do so from an early age, so why not just brush and floss like a responsible person?

   Other than that, I'm having a good time with my family. They're an awesome group of people and I'm really glad for the person they shaped me into. All of them have had a hand in who I am today and I'm more grateful than I can ever say to each of them. I really lucked out when it comes to them. The first thing we did was hit my favorite restaurant. Mmm. Rice bowls. I couldn't have steak this time but I can have chicken. My new cholesterol diet is rubbish. Understandable rubbish but that doesn't mean I like it! I'm going to complain. You guys....I can't have cheese. Cheese! Everyone loves cheese.

  Taylor didn't come with me on this visit. I'm bummed about missing him but I'm comfortable in the knowledge that I'll see him again. I'm a bit strange when it comes to distance between people I love and I. I'm going to assume it's because I'm a military brat. It's like...yes, I miss you but it's not crippling. It's more a break to me than a distance. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Either way, I'm having a good time. I already said that, didn't I? It's true, still. We didn't do anything special today but it was still an awesome couple of hours.


Still Sick, Go Figure.

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Good Evening, everyone;

 Sadly enough, I am still sick. I have to be at the airport at 7am and I just know I'm not going to clear up in time. I hate this weird hot and cold feeling. It'd be nice if my body would just pick one already! Ah well, I suppose I should count myself lucky. I have Freddie Mercury to keep my company while I'm guzzling  water and orange juice.

  On the other hand, my second boss is awesome. I write game reviews for an awesome pair of guys and they are always so understanding. Mr. Ostrum always seems to go out of his way to ensure I'm comfortable, which is so amazing. I truly believe that treating your employees well will always have a positive outcome. At least that's how it works with me. I've stuck it out with them, worked overtime to make deadlines, just because they're great bosses. There is a lesson here somewhere.


A Sour Note in an Orchestra Masterpiece.

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So, after my good news yesterday I am now sick, sick, sick. I slept most of the day away and the rest I spent zoned out in bed, trying to work up the energy to do something useful. Finally Taylor just brought me some medicine and ordered me to rest. Goddess, I love that guy. He always knows what I need.

I'm getting ready for my trip back to North Carolina. It's two days away and I'm extremely excited. The only hitch is that I've lost my ID card. I've got my birth certificate as well as something shiny and stamped by the Social Security office but you never know with Delta. All I can do is hope for the best!


A new and shiny Blog!

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 Happy New Years, everyone!

 Mine is already shaping out to be a fantastic one. I've been offered a contract on one of my manuscripts. Thanks to Wild Rose Press I've been introduced to the slightly hectic pre-publishing scene. It's amazing and I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. I absolutely love my Editor already. She's what I hoped the business would be like: fun, laid back, and great to work with. It's a job, I know, but she brings a sort of comfortable flare to it. Exactly what you hope for when you're dealing with something that means so much to you. I love to write and I don't think I could do that if I didn't feel like the person who would be handling my precious words loved her job as well.