4am Ramblings.

1:29 AM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

  Hiya, everyone;

   It's 4am in North Carolina but, of course, I feel like it's 1am. Which means I'll be awake for quite a bit longer. There are some awful commercials on at this time of night, something I've ever noticed before. I just saw an infomercial for "Snap on Smile." The product is basically dentures for people who are vain enough to want a beautiful set of teeth without wanting to actually go through the effort of taking care of their teeth. I'm flabbergasted, mostly, but I guess it doesn't matter ultimately. I understand people who lose their teeth in accidents and the like but...it's so easy to take care of them. We're taught to do so from an early age, so why not just brush and floss like a responsible person?

   Other than that, I'm having a good time with my family. They're an awesome group of people and I'm really glad for the person they shaped me into. All of them have had a hand in who I am today and I'm more grateful than I can ever say to each of them. I really lucked out when it comes to them. The first thing we did was hit my favorite restaurant. Mmm. Rice bowls. I couldn't have steak this time but I can have chicken. My new cholesterol diet is rubbish. Understandable rubbish but that doesn't mean I like it! I'm going to complain. You guys....I can't have cheese. Cheese! Everyone loves cheese.

  Taylor didn't come with me on this visit. I'm bummed about missing him but I'm comfortable in the knowledge that I'll see him again. I'm a bit strange when it comes to distance between people I love and I. I'm going to assume it's because I'm a military brat. It's like...yes, I miss you but it's not crippling. It's more a break to me than a distance. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Either way, I'm having a good time. I already said that, didn't I? It's true, still. We didn't do anything special today but it was still an awesome couple of hours.