Dust and Feathers.

1:25 AM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

 Hiya, guys;

  Still in North Carolina with my family. I had a fine day, spent most of my time being rolled over by my little brother and watching anime. We finished Karin today, and we're starting Princess Tutu tomorrow. Hopefully. It snowed today, which is a special treat since I've been in Las Vegas for a number of years. Though it did snow beautifully my first year there I've missed the rain and vegetation.

  I feel a little silly blogging now, when I've yet to establish any kind of reading base. It's kind of like looking for a flashlight in a dark room. You need it in order to find it sort of thing. It's all a very awkward affair. Half of the time I have absolutely no idea what to write. I worked on Blood and Rubies today. That was fun. I love to write. Obviously.