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Today was a beautiful day. There's nothing better than that. I went to the post office with the hubs, had lunch, and then worked for a while on the second installment of the Riding Hood Tales, which is now called The Big Cry Wolf. Ah, title changes.

I opted for another picture from DeviantArt today. This one is from the talented CroftMan93, and I...well, I want to come up with some deep, wonderful meaning behind it, but the guy is just hot. Yes. Hot.

"Hot long haired black guy." Graphic. Daniel Kevin (model). CroftMan93 . DeviantArt, Web. 14 Sep 2011. <http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs49/f/2009/213/6/6/hot_long_haired_black_guy_by_CroftMan93.jpg>.