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He opened his eyes and saw me.

Even in the darkness his gaze settled on my skin and he saw me trembling. My breath came out in desperate pants and liquid heat ran from my body to dampen my panties. I tried to speak, tried to tell him what was happening to me but no words would leave my lips; there was only harsh, hot air being expelled from my lungs.

"You're breathing awfully hard over this." His voice was as distant thunder, warning of the storm approaching.

I couldn't tell if he was aware of how close to the edge I was. My entire form shuddered, pressed against his warm, firm skin. He was perfection cloaked in darkness, Adonis hidden in the power of shadow. I swallowed, trying to get a grip. He was seated in the chair before me and somehow I had ended up in my knees, pressing my mouth wantonly against his neck. Please, I whispered in my head, knowing he couldn't hear me. Please.

Time slowed down and I was trapped in a cell of my own making. My heart pumped wildly, slamming thick, heated blood through my system. His scent sunk into my skin, descended into my lungs with every breath I took. Dizziness made itself known, the product of the lust that pricked my skin and the silent cries of love that burned unspoken in my throat.

He touched me. His rough, calloused hands ran down my back leaving a trail of goosebumps painted on my skin. I tried to speak again, just one word, just one moment to convey all that I was feeling. He was everything I'd ever wanted. My soul mirrored his own, my body recognized him as the perfect half to my incomplete whole. No matter how I tried to focus, my mind was swarmed and muddied with the need to touch him, to consume him the way he was so effortlessly devouring me.

My hands shook as I managed to peel away his shirt, my breath catching in my throat once his carmel skin was bared. Even in the low light he was tanned and glorious, blessed with effortless muscle and strength. A soft, dusty nipple beckoned for the tip of my tongue but I avoided contact, unsure of how he would react and unwilling to break the spell.

My heartbeat threatened to bruise the inside of my ribcage. My mind had gone blank but for the most basic and primal instincts one has to.....possess and claim. I wanted him, wanted him more than I wanted the air I was gulping at desperately in a futile effort to clear my mind. Every fiber in my body burned to touch his, pleaded in loud inaudible voices to give myself to this man.

His mouth touched my neck and I felt embarrassed heat trace its way up to my cheeks when a soft mewl of pure pleasure escaped my lips. He had hardly moved, was frozen in the marble statue of beauty that he was, and still he was managing to drive me crazy. The way he smelled -gorgeous and wonderful- was taunting me, pushing me forward.

I love you, I whispered to him in the silent darkness of the night. I need you.

My hands reached for his belt, but those powerful, pleasuring hands of his left my back and wrapped around my slender arms. He pushed me away from him and I felt my stomach bottom out in disbelief. No, don't. I wanted to scream it but instead I just sat there, dumb and shocked, staring into the dark depths of his eyes. Even with little light his face was lit up to me, shining with honesty and knowledge as it had been since the first day I met him.

"I can't." The thunder in his voice twisted and turned on itself until it was more like lightning. The promise of the storm was gone and in its wake it left jagged pieces of emotion locked safely away behind glass. It was visible and so close I could see it but a barrier had been erected and I knew instantly I wouldn't be able to penetrate it. He was lost to me.

Still, my body hummed with energy, with need. My breathing had slowed down and I felt the prick of tears burning the back of my eyes. I wanted to ask him why, wanted to rail against that wall he had set up between us. My pride held me still for a milisecond, telling me to be strong and to simply nod but I dashed that thought away quickly. I'd wanted him for so long, had ached to be close to him for years and I knew, I knew that this was the only chance I would ever get. Pride be damned, I would beg if that was the only way to get him to hold me, for just a little longer.

His mouth descended on mine, catching me completely unaware. Soft, gentle, and warm he drew me out of a shell I had never realized I was in. Something deep and unseen within me swelled and glowed, my soul was touched and caressed. He was a big man, a man who towered over my head, made me feel small and fragile but...he touched me with such care, sure reverence. I kissed him back with all of the passion and fear and trust I felt, again trembling.

"...but right now I can't." He was speaking seconds later, his voice no longer echoing a storm but deep and sweet. He spoke with longing and regret as well as determination and steel.

This time I nodded. My body was still packed with gunpowder, a keg waiting for the smallest flame, but the part of me that simply loved him was satisfied. He set me away from him and for the first time I saw the strain in his face, the jerky movements of his usually fluid and sensual body.

I nodded again, Fate was a cruel mistress.