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Ohmigosh, guys. I've been so deliciously busy this last month I can hardly stand it. Last time I checked in with ya'll, I had just announced that A Clockwork Christmas was picked up by Liquid Silvers.

Well, a few weeks later and so was Light Can Be Gentle, my M/M story about life after the ruination of Earth. The story took a lot of energy and research, since I'm not the Sci-Fi buff my dad would like me to be, but ultimately I'm extremely proud of the manuscript. It's a project that is a lot like cleaning out the garage. It's hard, tiring, and after you're done you're covered in dirt and bruises, but it feels good. Accomplishment does that to me. I'm like a junkie.

After that offer email I decided I wanted to get one more done before NaNoWriMo, which I'm still  not entirely sure I'm going to participate in. Grinding out the second of Roux's (The Big, Bad) story wasn't as difficult, since I knew exactly where I wanted the tale to go, but I was a bit nervous about some of the changes I made to the characters. I wanted to give them room to grow, but I feared spending too much time on that growing. In the end, I had to trust my characters and let them lead more than my outline. It's how I wrote the first one, but I haven't used that method for anything else since, so we'll have to see how it went when the publishing company responds to my query.

Now, though, I'm taking this last week and a half of October off. I need to figure out what I'm going to do for my Hallow's Eve costume (I'm going as a Sith!), and I'm going to unwind before tackling my next project. Which I think will be a Sci-Fi as well! Maybe that's what I'll do for NaNoWriMo!

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