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Must. Keep. Editing.

I've been working my poor little fingers to the bone, lately, which is good for productivity, but bad for my husband. Who is eating way too much fast food. Le sigh! Finding a balance between the writing life and the family life can be a bit of a pain. I always thought that, because writers can set their own hours, it would make things easier.

Poor, misinformed me.

For writers like me, that just means it's that much easier for me to be so completely absorbed into a project that everything else is completely ignored. It's pretty bad. Still, I'm super excited about the progress I'm making. Clockwork Kiss was actually one of the first books I ever completed. It never got published because...well, to be honest, it was pretty shitty. Don't get me wrong, I worked my butt off on it, but at the time I was...maybe 14. Since then, I've always gone back to it, typing away. Fixing little scenes, reworking characters, that kind of thing.

After A Clockwork Christmas was published I decided to hit this story hard. It's from the same series so why not? I have a lot of the first versions of the book saved. I can honestly say that it is nothing like the original, which is mostly a good thing.

Right now, I'm cleaning it up, fleshing out the characters, and chopping away at the word count, since I started at 128,000 words. That's way too much. Like...way, way too much. Right now, it's at an even 100,000. Yay. Still, I want to rid of at least 5k more...while adding two more scenes that I think are vital to character development. Meh. Balance. Once again, I'm not very good at it.

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