A belated debut novel!

12:24 PM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

Forgive me, if this post sounds a little loopy. I'm running on very little sleep! Hehehe!

It was April 2008, and I'd just finished my first manuscript: a 90,000 word historical romance about a bipolar man who tried to kill himself. I was ecstatic to send it out to all of my favorite publishers, convinced that Not Even My Mind would be my debut novel.

It wasn't.

Fast forward four years, and the little story that began as a 15-year-old's Inuyasha fanatic has been reworked and rehashed within an inch of its life. In fact, going back to the original version, I can see a single line, scene, or character who isn't drastically changed. This is probably a good thing, but in hindsight, I could have just started a new book.

At any rate, I'm proud to announce that Clockwork Kiss, formerly known as Not Even My Mind, has been picked up by the ever wonderful Liquid Silvers! It's the second installment to The Blackwell Legacy and after a fairly brutal revision, I signed the contract today!