Six Sentence Sunday.

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So, there's this nifty little thing I discovered! So what if I'm a little late? Anywho, it's time for #sixsunday, which is a Twitter  event (as far as I know) where authors take six sentences from something they're working on or have finished and post them onto their blogs. Easy, right?

 Here's a snippet from Clockwork Kiss, the second installment to The Blackwell Legacy that I'm currently editing.

Open, just open up.

The world around her shimmered once and then flashed away into a black and white shadow form of what was left. A chill skittered up her spine but she ignored it as the atmosphere trembled with every breath she took. The flames were back, bright blue and standing on the edge of her vision as if waiting patiently to consume her.
Eliza tried to fight the semi consciousness that pricked her vision but found herself too weak to do so. A weight seemed to be pulling her down, dragging her into a blackness she couldn't muster up enough energy to be afraid of.

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  1. Excellent snippet! And welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!