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So, I've decided to use my blog more often, just to talk about my life. At least that way it'll actually get used, since I never feel comfortable with a blog post that read "I wrote was fun."

Of course, writing is a huge part of my life, so it'll get mentioned (a lot) but not today! Today is about kale.

So. I'm not shy, so I'll just let it all hang out: I'm overweight. DUN DUN DUN!

It's probably due to my work schedule, poor eating habits, and general laziness, but I'm going to blame work. I work at a desk! Yeah!

No, that's a sucky excuse and I'm getting over it. Starting earlier today I've decided to take extra, extra steps to improving my health. I already cut out sodas and fast food....kind of. The soda I can do, no problem. I haven't been drinking it hardcore in almost 9 months, not that it shows, damnit. Still, I'll have a mountain dew here and there as a treat but common! It's been forever! The fast food is another story. It's just so convenient! But no more!

This morning I did about 20 minutes of cardio. I thought I was going to pass the heck out, ohmigosh. I was doing it a while ago but I kind of fell off the wagon. I'd forgotten how sucky it is at the beginning! Apparently yoga is not good enough.

For dinner tonight, I made pork tenderloin and kale chips. The chips were NOT THAT BAD! I was sooo surprised. I was giving them the stank face the entire time they were baking, but this is a good start to my new healthy lifestyle.

This is going to be fun!