Trip to California.

12:41 PM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

The week before last I was in beautiful California for a week. It was definitely an experience. I love to travel. Even if it's hopping in a car and going to the other side of the city I live in, I love to see all the different buildings and people. I always think that I should write some of what I'm feeling down while I'm in the car, but I get so swept away by what I see that I usually forget.

I also got to stay in two hotels during the trip. I won't name the first one...but ohmigosh, it was awful. We (my friends and I) opted to stay in it because it was a little cheaper, but it wasn't worth the $15 savings. So, that was a good lesson for the trip. Yeah, I love to save money as much as the next girl, but not having the cops turn up and being able to leave my room without seriously worrying about being attacked is worth shelling out a bit more.

The second hotel we stayed at was a Best Western. I love BW. The people who work there (in my experience) are always amaze-sauce. They're fun, helpful, and seem to really enjoy their jobs. Also, there was breakfast. I'm a sucker for breakfast, it's my favorite meal of the day. Besides that, it was free and just added a level of luxury to the stay.

As you guys know, I live in Vegas. It's a fantastic city if you're into the Nightlife, but being an epileptic in the City of Lights is kind of  >_>. I loved Cali. There were tons of shops, malls, and interesting things to do. Like the trampoline warehouse! And museums, I am such a whore for museums.

At any rate, that's what was on my mind today. I'm still working out and I'll tell you guys about that once the soreness goes away!

The art I'm using today pretty much sums up me on our trip. Doesn't it have a tone of distinct emotion? Mmm. Art!

If you like this picture, visit the artist's DeviantArt page:

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