Let's play a game.

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Have you ever been in a pool, splashing around with your friends, when suddenly one of them called out "Let's play Marco! Polo!"? Neither have I. Usually, it's a game I've played with my sisters in Walmart while my mom is being slow. Which (if you ask my husband) is completely hilarious because now it's me who takes two hours to buy oven mitts in that time vortex of shiny things.

But I digress.

The lovely and talented Voirey Linger wants to honor Marco Polo with the game so aptly named after him.

His life came to an end on January 9, 1324, so that is the day we will celebrate his legacy. We we are launching Marco Polo day on Twitter. The rules are simple. Follow the players listed below from your Twitter account. When one of them yells MARCO you hit reply and @ them with POLO. First to respond will win an ebook. If you’re not following, you can’t win.

Authors interested in participating should reply on this page. This is where Voirey has the official list set up, so check it out if you're interested. Include your name and a link to your Twitter page.

Participating Authors (and links to their twitter pages):

Lexie Donovan
Nina S. Gooden
Voirey Linger
Annie Nicholas 

Today's infinitely adorable is a little different. I saw it an instantly fell in love...

If you want to see more from this artist, you can find them here: http://lossien.deviantart.com/

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