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This isn't going to be a pretty post. I won't even add a Deviation for it....mainly because I'm too sad.

Failure tastes like bitter spice in my mouth. It burns and stings my eyes. I'm in class, else I'd probably be wallowing in my bed. Ash and Diamonds was rejected by Samhain. It comes as a harsh blow, because...well, I really love this book. I've worked insanely hard on it. It's been scrubbed and brushed and raked and shaken into what I'd calls damn near perfection.

Unfortunately, sometimes writing a good book isn't the point. This is a business and certain things don't sell well. That's the only way I can look at this rejection, because I refuse to think that my writing just wasn't good enough. Ash is a paranormal romance. I'll admit that it's my favorite subgenre for Romance, but maybe it's too much already. I've heard it's hard to get them accepted, but I'm not sure...there's always these rumors about which genres are expanding and which are shrinking.

I don't know. Either way, I'm going to keep doing what I can. I still have two submissions waiting for an answer. Hopefully I'm in line for better news on them.

Ash is a damn good book. Eventually, it will find its home.