Goals for the day!

2:26 PM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

  Getting back into the swing of things once you've been out of the game is challenging. In light of all the changes my life has taken in the last couple of months, I haven't been keeping up with my physical and professional goals. In fact, I haven't written more than 100 words since I moved to Akron.

  This is, naturally, woefully unacceptable. I need to get myself back in gear! So, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Today is actually almost over...so I think what I'm going to do is schedule these blog posts the day before, so I can compare them after it's all said and done.

   My goals for the day are pretty simple:
  • Do Day 1 of the horrible ab/squat challenge I've decided to kill myself with.
  • Email at least one of the agents I'm looking at.
  • Write for at least an hour.
    Easy peasy, right? ...well, I've only crossed off one thing on that list thus far, but dagnabit, I'm getting them all in. Yeees. I'm going to write my post for tomorrow and get to work on those crunches. My abs are already burning.