Rambling about books

7:22 PM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

   So...I have a bit of a confession to make. Despite considering myself an "avid reader," I am not a big fan of the "classics". Oh, there are some gems out there. Homer is my home boy. Yes, I did just write that. I'm not even going to delete it. Fitzgerald is also good.

   However, despite being a romance junkie, I can't stand anything Jane Austen. I can barely handle the movie remakes of her stories. In addition, I hate Shakespeare like you would not believe. Really, it's a deep-seated, horrible loathing that even know is making my palms sweaty. Dickens makes me want to blow my brains out. With a spoon. Don't ask, I would make it work.

   While I was in school my teachers would get all kinds of excited when it was time to go over one of the "great classics." Surely the bookish, awkward girl who always had her nose buried between pages would finally be engaged in class now that we were reading something thick and dusty! No. Absolutely not. I slogged through Great Expectations as if I were wading through quicksand. I never finished One Hundred Years of Solitude. Couldn't do it. Though I did get an A on the 3-ring binder report we had to come up with for it. Go, go, pulling it out of my ass.

   Poetry is excluded from this disinterest, but that is a different story.

   ....this blog post was originally titled "Time machine." I was only going to make a quick reference to the book but I got sidetracked. So now you guys get to know that. Enjoy.