Down; Not Out

7:28 AM Nina S. Gooden 0 Comments

I can't remember where I heard it but a while ago, I was given the impression that the word "catastrophe" was built up of two parts. One part "chaos" and the other part "opportunity". I'm probably getting some of the details wrong because that doesn't actually make sense but it's one of those things that has stuck with me through my years.

December and January were hard months for me. Since then, I've been struggling just to keep my head on straight.

I'm one of those people who has always had two jobs. I thrive on the pressure and responsibility...and I love it. I love the companies I work for, even when things go south. I pour everything I have into them and I do it from a place of joy and dedication.

The hubs likes to laugh and say that I'm a workaholic. We both know it's the truth and probably not as funny as we like to think.

But after January I found myself in the strangely painful position of not having that safety net of 60-hour weeks. Suddenly, I went from having three jobs (yes, three) to having none. It was not a good moment for me and I imagine it was not a good time for anyone around me.

But from catastrophe comes chaos and opportunity, right?

I'm not a gambling woman. My first (professional) love may be writing but it's a whirlwind romance I never really had a choice in. The love I choose would be Marketing. All data and analytics. Measurements that I can draw on to make clear conclusions. I love Marketing and the numbers that I find while working with it.

And yet, all of that data left me kind of...lost.

In that chaos, I found things that I'd been neglecting, just waiting for me. Hoping I would return. Books that were waiting to be read--and written--as well as projects I'd put on the back-burner...including this blog.

I'm not 100% happy with where I'm at now (as it's not as concrete as where I was) but I do understand that there is always risk in trying something new. Sometimes that risk is even worth it.