Have no fear of the pink!

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Pink Ink Pen_V1Have no fear of the pink!

(Get it? Because…I edit in pink…and it’s…ink…)
My editing rates are highly competitive and flexible. I base each fee on the needs of the author, so the longer an individual works with me, the better their rate gets–through writing coaching and editorial progression.
Ideally, my rates end up around $0.008 per word. This price includes two rounds of simultaneous copy- and content-edits, as well as an in-depth writing analysis.
However, I’m pretty flexible.  If the author has a very rough draft that will require developmental edits, we might bump it up to $0.012. On the other hand, for a cleaner author who only needs the standard edit, $0.008 works just fine.
My default style guide is Chicago Manual of Style, but I am also familiar with the Associated Press Stylebook. My default dictionary is actually Onelook.com I like to go with a general consensus, when possible.
In addition, I write stellar copy in the form of blurbs and taglines for books. Blurb creation/editing is done at a flat rate of $25 for back cover and website content. Query review is also on the table for the same price.
Hate creating synopses? Well, now you don’t have to! I will create a 4 page synopsis (approximately 1,000 words) for your manuscript for $50. That price drops down to $30, if I am also doing the edits for the work.
Already have a synopsis? I’ll give it a thorough impact review and edit for $25.
Check back often for updates to this webpage, which will include testimonies from my clients and examples of published successes!

Rate Break Down:

$0.012 per word: For one (1) very thorough round of content/copy edits and (2) follow-up editorial rounds for a rough edit. This includes developmental edits, which are typically more in-depth than your standard edits. If your book is expected to need a considerable longer than the "standard," this will be your fee.
$0.008 per word: For one (1) very thorough round of content/copy edits and (2) follow-up editorial rounds for a standard. Please note, if significant changes/adaptions are found to be necessary during the first round of edits at this rate, the per word fee may be adjusted closer toward that of a rough edit.
$0.005 per word: For one (1) single round of content/copy edits. If your book is already edited for content or you are a particularly clean author, this may be your best bet. I will make minor revisions (searching for typos, clarifying sentences) and leave extensive notes on the overall content of the work.
Blurbs and taglines (both, for one low price): Flat rate of $25 for back cover and web content.
Synopsis Creation: Hate creating synopses? 4 page (~1,000) word for your manuscript, if I am not editing it. $30, if I am!
Query Review: Flat rate of $25 for impact review and edit of an existing query letter.
Synopsis Review: Flat rate of $25 for impact review and edit of an editing synopsis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my word count?
Word counts are based on the length of the book at the end of the editing process.  A 50% fee will be due after the initial book evaluation (while we’re deciding which rate is appropriate for your work). That fee will be based on the current word count.
Confused? Don’t be!
For instance, let’s say you send me a manuscript that’s 25K words and we decide that all it needs is a standard edit at the .008 rate. Before I start the edit, I would need a nonrefundable payment of $100. That’s half of what the .008 rate would be for 25K words. Then, at the end of our edits, if we added and edited an additional 2K words–bringing the word count to 27K–I would charge you the $216 that is the total for a 27K book and subtract the $100 you already paid, so your remaining balance would be $116. Easy peasy.
Why should I bring my book to you?
Well, to begin with…personally, I think I’m a delight to work with. =D Besides that, I know my stuff. I’ve been editing content for almost ten years and I love every project I work on. In addition to my intimate knowledge of several genres, I’m a marketing ninja who knows what will push your book to the next level. I’m thorough, quick, and one of my biggest joys is building up an author.
What genres and subgenres do you work on?
I’ve edited for companies who have published everything from video game manuals to hard-core erotica. I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, as well as gore-y Horror. Basically, no matter that you’re writing, I probably have extensive experience working with it.
What is your turn around time?
That depends on the nature and length of the edit. However, I strive to have edits turned around within two weeks. That is giving myself a lot of leeway and usually works are returned much quicker than that. If you contact me, I will give you a more precise estimate, based on what I already have on my plate. If there is ever a doubt that I’ll be able to make a deadline, I will contact the author immediately.
How do I pay you?
All payments are made through PayPal. Keep in mind; however, that PayPal charges fees for business transactions. These fees will be the author’s responsibility and will need to be settled as an addition to the service fee before the manuscript is released.
How can I contact you?
Emailing me at NSGooden@gmail.com is the quickest way to get in contact with me. Authors I have worked with before are given my direct phone number and are free to text/call me at any time if they have questions or concerns about their edits. Or if they want to chat, I’m always game for a nice chat!